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Kitaoji Rosanjin―The Renaissance of Japanese Ceramics: The Path to Contemporary Art

Tuesday, July 2 − Sunday, August 25, 2019

Kitaoji Rosanjin (1883-1959) started out in the fields of calligraphy and engraving, but in 1922, when in his late 30s, he turned his attention to creating ceramics as “kimono for food”, emanating from his interest in food from nature. It surpassed mere dishware-making; by exploring the country’s tradition surrounding the tea ceremony that had been at the centre of Japanese culture since the Middle Ages, Rosanjin, at a stroke, became the leader of a ceramics’ renaissance. This exhibition, while centring on the work of Rosanjin, adds works by his contemporaries, from Kawakita Handeishi, Ishiguro Munemaro, Arakawa Toyoz? to Yagi Kazuo, and will also display alongside them examples of the Chinese, Korean and Japanese antique ceramics that they studied. You will be able to look across the rich achievements of Sh?wa-period ceramics that are the foundation of modern ceramics, and from their very origins and into the future.


CCMA Collection

Exhibition from the Collection: “He was Indeed an Amazing Person” −Centring on the Work of Teshigahara Sofu and Munakata Shik?

Tuesday, July 2 − Sunday, August 25, 2019

To coincide with the Kitaoji Rosanjin Exhibition, here we introduce works from our collection, chiefly by Teshigahara Sofu and Munakata Shiko who had history of exchange with Rosanjin.

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