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Ishii Rinkyô − Leading Nihonga Artist from Chiba, 135 Years since his Birth

November 23, 2018- January 14, 2019

Ishii Rinkyô
“Dressed as a Girl”,
Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo

Ishii Rinkyô (1884-1930) was a Nihonga (Japanese-style) artist active through the Meiji and Taishô Periods. Born in Chiba, he became a pupil of Hashimoto Gahô in Tokyo, and stood out from others at a young age. Making great developments within the styles of history painting, painting of country life, Nanga (southern-style painting of Chinese origin) etc., his fervor continued to offer inspiration and ideas to art circles. “Kansetsu in the west, Rinkyô in the east”, it was said: so much did his talent and spirit make an impression upon fellow artists and the people of the Bôsô region. This exhibition reviews the full extent of his painting activity through new material and standpoints, examines the ideal world pursued by “Yajin (Rustic) Rinkyô” in his literati painting phase, and re-introduces the charm of his art to a wide audience.

CCMA Collection

Exhibition from the Collection
"Ishii Rinkyô and Artwork of his Time"

November 23, 2018- January 14, 2019

Hashimoto Kansetsu
“Castle on the Water in Twilight Rain”,
Chiba City Museum of Art

In connection with the Ishii Rinkyô Exhibition to be held at this time, we will display Edo-Period paintings familiar and inspirational to Rinkyô, paintings by his contemporaries and artwork relating to Chiba.

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